Baby to Bootcamp

85% of women get pregnant in their lifetime (USA) and therefore if you’re training women, you’re likely to be training someone who has been post-natal at some point.  Hence, Lewis at Fit Creatures asked me to create a programme for those women who want to get back to functional fitness but don’t know where to start and equally deserve a better option that just jumping straight back into it after their 6 week ‘check’. 


That magic 6-week check...if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to even get one - what did they do to ‘check’ YOU...did they ask you if you were having any problems with your pelvic floor? Did they check your tummy for muscle separation? If you had a c-section, did they look at your scar and advise about how to take care of it? Did they talk to you about returning to exercise? 99% of the women I work with were not asked those questions. Then at the ‘magic’ 6 week mark they start running or get back to the gym...and then the back pain kicks in, or the leaking or the mummy tummy that won’t go away.


Postpartum healing takes time whatever kind of pregnancy and birth you had and women need and deserve a focussed approach to their recovery. Cue the Baby to Bootcamp programme...


A 6 week ONLINE (thanks Tier 4) programme, 2 sessions per week that takes into account your (current) physical abilities, a new hormonal profile, and a new set of priorities. We understand you may be eager to get back in the gym/class but it’s important to be patient so that your return to these activities is a safe one. Just like proper rest and recovery is needed after running a marathon/having surgery etc, it’s JUST as important after pregnancy and birth. 


Over the 6 weeks:-

  • 2 x 45 minute (zoom) sessions per week focusing on mobility and strength 

  • Information and guidance covering all elements of exercising as a female- nutrition, hormones, lifestyle, recovery

  • Access to StrongMamma’s “Move & Breath’ private Facebook group offering 2 x guided mobility/breath sessions per week

  • 30 minute 1:1 initial consultation to assess suitability and offer guidance 

  • Access to a What’s App support group

On Completion:

  • 1:1 Fit Creatures on-boarding session with Coach Lewis to prepare you for Fit Creatures Classes

  • 2 weeks FREE membership to all Fit Creatures Classes


Commitment: £147


Starts: Thursday 14th January for 6 consecutive weeks 

Thursdays at 9.30am

Mondays at 10.30am


Next steps: Join Fit Creatures ready to take part in classes with quality movement and your core intact! 


P.s it can take up to 2 years to recover from birth if not longer...